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Power is Vital for Economic Development in Nigeria

Nigeria is undergoing economic recession. But despite the inspiring short and long-term economic forecasts, the nation has a number of power supply challenges, many of which can be overcome with renewable energy.

First among the available options is hydropower.

However, the major problem with hydropower and similar large, capital intensive power projects is its vulnerability to stiff resistance in the development stage of global economies. This highlights the fact that small and medium-sized projects are mostly less disruptive, cheaper and easier to establish.

Nigeria needs more power. This is more so because businesses and personal lives revolve around electricity, and according to data from the World Bank, over 600 million Africans (about 45% of the entire population) have no available access to electricity. Remarkably, a total of 236 GW of grid-connected generation capacity was installed in Africa during the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2018. But electricity generated from the continental project has failed to accommodate growing demands on power supply. The situation in Nigeria is equally disheartening.

Recent data from the United Nations, as indicated in its 2015 world population prospect report, estimates African population will reach 2.5 billion by the year 2050. In addition, the global institution highlights the need for reliable and affordable electricity to facilitate economic development if Nigeria continues urbanizing, industrializing, and becoming a strong continental and global economic force.

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