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​An Introduction to Operation and Maintenance (Q&M) Engineering

Operation and Maintenance Engineering is multidisciplinary in nature. It transcends the boundaries separating many disciplines of arts, emerging technology and science. Commonly abbreviated as O&M, this division of engineering focuses mainly on developing models, tools and methodologies required to provide high system dependability. Operation and Maintenance engineering also ensures efficient and effective maintenance processes for both new and existing systems such as home and industrial power generators.

What are the functions of O&M engineers?

Operation and Maintenance engineers are experts in troubleshooting and fixing faulty electrical switches, repairing electrical / mechanical systems, frequently checking blueprints, repair manuals and parts catalogues, and improving overall performance of systems. Following a checklist, they inspect drives, motors, and belts, check fluid levels, replace filters, and carry out other maintenance services. O&M technicians often keep records of their work. Their priority is to ascertain the integrity of all systems, identify and correct designs defects, and eliminate Inaccuracies until project completion. At DMV Limited, our team of professional engineers use specialized equipment and electronic testing devices to monitor, identify worn or broken parts and fix them. Where, necessary, they make adjustments to correct malfunctioning equipment and machines.

Asset performance improvement is therefore our driving force as DMV Nigeria Limited continuously provides operations support to ensure delivery of fully tested and operational asset to clients.

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